AVAIL Vapor E-Juice | 60ml

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Absolute Zero - An absolutely refreshing and deliciously chilling experience for your mouth. The combination of peppermint, spearmint and an icy blast of menthol makes for a flavor-soaked inhale and an invigoratingly cold exhale that will keep you frosty all day long.

Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon (formerly Blue Pucker) by AVAIL Vapor blends the summertime flavors of sweet and sour lemonade and fresh-picked blueberries to make a deliciously refreshing fruit vape that you’ll want to fill your tank with again and again.

Golden Dawn Keep your taste buds guessing with Golden Dawn (formerly Bamboozled) by AVAIL Vapor. Inhale the satisfying flavor of warm, sweet, salted caramel and enjoy the taste of crunchy, savory waffle cone as you exhale. There’s no question - this is a deliciously balanced dessert vape made just for when you’re craving something sweet and salty.

Jamestown Inspired by the tobacco produced in the town of the same name, Jamestown by AVAIL Vapors is a premium tobacco e-liquid designed with the smooth, bright and subtly sweet flavor of Virginia tobacco.

Mardi Gras - A world-famous party in your mouth. One of the most popular flavors from AVAIL, this eliquid a perfectly balanced medley of your favorite ripe, juicy berries. Sweet and lightly tart, this is an all-day vape whether you use a full-sized sub-ohm tank or a smaller pod system. 

Tobacco Row - A traditional tobacco e-liquid made by AVAIL Vapor. Rich and earthy, this flavor is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a vape that tastes similar to more traditional tobacco products. Satisfying, smooth, and suitable for your favorite tank or pod system.

Artic Blast - A cool, refreshing eliquid from AVAIL Vapor. This invigorating flavor features the clean, simple taste of true menthol, as fresh and pure as you’ll find. Experience the ultimate chill with Arctic Blast.

Conjure - A decadent breakfast-inspired blend of fluffy, hot waffle and sweet maple syrup flavors. You can Conjure up your favorite morning treat any time when you load this ejuice in your tank!

Gold Rush Discover the gold standard of tobacco vapes with Gold Rush by AVAIL Vapor. If the rich flavor of sun-drenched, golden tobacco with notes of graham and sweet honey is what you’ve been searching for, Gold Rush is the e-liquid for you.  Designed specifically for those who haven’t found a preferred flavor with more traditional tobacco e-liquids, this blend of tobacco and dessert notes is balanced to satisfy you as you transition to vaping.

Grandpa's Choice - A smooth, earthy pipe tobacco e-liquid with subtle hints of toasted marshmallow for a uniquely rich and slightly sweet tobacco vape. Satisfy your cravings with this aromatic, lightly sweet tobacco vape developed for the pipe aficionado.

Lucky #7 - A delicious vape made by AVAIL Vapor that blends sweet grape flavor with an exhale of frosty menthol. If you’re looking for a juicy, flavor-forward fruit vape with a touch of cool, today is your lucky day, and Lucky #7 is for you!

Pandoras Box - A juicy, delicious blend of sweet and sour grape that will keep your mouth entertained all day long. Some say it tastes like that tart but sweet grape powder you know so well, others say it’s a spot-on sour grape bubblegum - you’ll have to open up Pandora’s Box X for yourself to see!

Mountain Chill - The ultimate in crisp, refreshing eliquid. Made by AVAIL Vapor, this e-liquid blends the sweet, slightly tart flavor of ripe alpine strawberries with a hint of fresh menthol for a cool, fruity vape experience.