CloudNurdz E-Liquid | 100ml

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GRAPE APPLE: The unique combination of Most Exciting Fruit Candies in this world; Grape and Apple, is the rare yet very delicious flavor to vape. Very Distinct Flavors of Grape and Apple are subtly mixed with such a perfection, you will feel the sweet purple grape taste on inhale and sweet tarty feel of crisp green apples on every exhale. This Unique blend of common flavor makes this e-juice from cloud nurdz the very special one.

STRAWBERRY GRAPE: Are you in the mood to have more than one candy at a time? or Do You have a desire to have something sweet that satisfies your taste buds. 100ml of Juiciness from Fresh Ripe Red Strawberries straight from farm mixed with purple sweet grape straight from the vineyard will give you perfect sweet treat filled with nostalgic feelings of your childhood filled with candies of sweet fruits.

WATERMELON APPLE: Watermelon Candy reincarnated into E liquid for your absolutely perfect vaping companion. Everyone's Favorite Watermelon goes so well with apple, this watermelon-apple combination might be your next favorite Juice. If you liked the strawberry Banana Mix of juices, You might want to try something different than classical Mixture: Watermelon Apple to treat you on.

PEACH BLUE RAZZ: Peach is the most loved fruit candy. Do you remember buying peach rings? Oh my god! That's Amazing! The Amazing Luscious Juicy Peach Candy is re-designed to vape in this modern world! Get yourself lost in the childhood paradise. With every inhale of vape, the luscious juicy peach mingled with the ranginess of tarty raspberries from the farm of neighborhood will make you feel younger than that golden ages.

STRAWBERRY LEMON: Delightful yet satisfying combination of Sweet Ripe Luscious strawberry and lemon will be your all summer vaping companion! Sweet taste of strawberry for every inhale and just the light touch of citrus lemon tartness inside your mouth will make you tangle between the sweetness of strawberry and citrus lime. JUST Don't forget to keep extra stock on this summer, In case you forgot to order ;)

Kiwi Melon: Kiwi and melon gives one of the most satisfying flavor you have ever tried. The juicy and delightful kiwi mixed with the melons produce a tropical fruit like flavor. Cloud Nurdz has produced a very balanced flavor with the new kiwi melon combination.

Grape Apple: A deliciously sweet fruit vape that combines sweet purple grape and tart green apples to produce a mouth-puckering taste treat that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Sour Watermelon Strawberry: It combines sour watermelons and strawberries together, then finishes them off with the perfect ratio of candy flavor, leaving you with a pleasing taste that simply never gets old.

Strawberry Mango: A delicious combination of delectable strawberries and sweet, juicy mangoes will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey of flavor.

Watermelon Berry: Sweet, refreshing watermelon, which is then carefully combined with ripe berry and mountain-fresh strawberries.

Watermelon Berry Ice:  Special blend of mouthwatering watermelons, a delicious mixture of berries, and the coolest Menthol.

Iced Sour Watermelon Strawberry: Upon inhale, you will enjoy the taste of sweet strawberry candy, which is paired with a sweet and sour watermelon candy. The exhale is enhanced with a kick of cool menthol, for an invigorating finish.