Glasslab 303 Skinny Straight Bottle

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Based in Colorado, Glasslab 303 is a top-selling glass brand for budget-conscious stoners. This company never fails to impress with its superb line of water pipes and bongs. Take this one for example. The Skinny Straight Bottle Water Pipe stands 8.75-inches tall and is made of 5mm thick scientific glass. It has a 2.25" base diameter for stability and a reinforced fixed downstem with a male joint.

The Skinny Straight Bottle comes with a 14.5mm female banger hanger, a matching male herb slide, and a percolator in the style of your choice. You can pick between a Honeycomb, Turbine, Waffle, Inline, or Circ perc for this clear glass bottle-shaped bong.

Regardless of the type you choose, you can rest assured that the perc will provide the ultimate level of filtration to result in buttery smooth hits that are full of luscious flavor. This affordable unique-shaped bong is decorated with Glasslab 303's "Colorado Certified" logo on the side to ensure authenticity and quality.  

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