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RAW partnered with Hammercraft to produce these high-quality aluminum RAW x Hammercraft herb grinders with this particular grinder available in a RAWkin’ Rasta colorway! Sized big enough for heavy tokers at 2.5 inches in diameter.

The RAW x Hammercraft Grinder is designed to give you the perfect consistency to roll up in your favorite RAW Rolling Papers or stuff some RAW Cones.

Stage 1 is the herb grinder which shreds anything you put in its teeth. Small holes allow the ground up material to pass to the second stage. A magnet securely holds the top in place when not in use.

Stage 2 is the sifter and storage portion of the grinder. All the medium size pieces are captured while the finer particles (pollen) pass through the sifter screen.

The final stage is the pollen collection. Pollen collects over time and can be then made into very special herbal concoctions. Use the included scraper to help remove material caught in the screen and harvest away.

Every RAW x Hammercraft Herb Grinder Features:

  • Grinder/Sifter 4 Piece style
  • Large 2.5 inch diameter
  • 2 inches tall
  • Magnetized lid
  • Precision cut teeth
  • Friction ring