King Kut Electric Grinder

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The King Kut Electric Grinder by Grindhouse is a powerhouse of a grinder which uses its 1000 mAh lithium ion battery and sharp stainless steel blade to quickly grind your dry herb into the perfect fluffy consistency.

The King Kut cordless electric grinder eliminates the mess that usually comes with grinding by shredding directly into the included glass jars.

You can watch the powerful grinding action through the clear glass jar and be sure your herb is ground to the consistency you want.  When the grinding is done, pop on the screw-on top and store your ground herb away.

You never have to hassle with looking for a power outlet because the big battery provides you with portability so you can grind where you want. 

The Grindhouse King Kut Electric Grinder is outfitted with a battery level indicator light and features a 10 minute auto-shutoff feature