Zig Zag Rolling Papers

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Original - All Zig-Zag papers have a thin glue line to provide a perfect seal – every time. Derived from the sap of the African acacia tree, the natural properties of gum Arabic provide a consistent seal without impacting the taste of your smoke.
  • Our Iconic white Booklet
  • 70mm x 38mm
  • Made using Natural Flax Plant Fibers
  • 100% Natural Gum Arabic

French Orange The world's most iconic rolling paper and our best-seller for over 100 years. Zig-Zag French Orange smoking papers are in a league of their own.

  • Vegan & non-GMO
  • Made using natural flax plant Fibers
  • No bleach or harmful chemicals added
  • 100% raw natural gum Arabic
  • Superior slow burn

Organic HempFrom the all-natural gum Arabic to the unbleached leaves, everything about Zig-Zag Organic Hemp is just as mother nature intended.

  • 100% raw, unrefined pure hemp fibers
  • Unbleached & ultra-thin
  • Vegan & non-GMO
  • Sourced from organic farms