Keep It 100 E-Liquid | 100ml

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 OG Blue:  Inhaling OG Blue by Keep It 100 will fill your lungs with a decadent cloud of perfect and fruity blue raspberry. Exhaling OG Blue e juice will provide you with a dash of the always delicious flavor of fresh strawberry. This exhale complements the blue raspberry inhale just perfectly.

OG Blue Iced: The inhale of OG Blue Iced is filled with the sweet yet tart flavor of blue raspberry while the exhale is filled with an ice-cold slushie flavor that is undeniably delicious.

OG Summer Blue: The inhale of OG Summer Blue is filled with tart and juicy blue raspberries infused into a slushie. The exhale is filled with the spot-on flavor of the most perfect lemonade.

OG Island Fusion: The inhale is a mouth-watering attack of succulent strawberry flavoring that is beyond refreshing for your palate. The kiwi undertone flavor notions really complement the strawberry flavored inhale and also help prep the taste buds for the overwhelming, flavor-filled, exhale that is about to occur. 

OG Krunch: The inhale brings forth a swarm of maple syrup and delicious fresh french toast flavors that your taste buds will not want to miss.

OG Tropical Blue: The inhale of OG Tropical Blue is filled with a super tart and mouthwatering blue raspberry slushie flavor while the exhale is filled with a super sweet and juicy tropical fruit flavor.

Shake: The inhale of Shake is filled with the rich and creamy flavor of vanilla ice cream while the exhale is filled with the flavor of a fluffy birthday cake. The undertone on the inhale consists of a warm, fresh baked cake flavor sensation that really complements and blends together with the sugary icing notion during the exhale.

Berry Au Lait:   A perfect blend of strawberries, milk, and cream; the ideal milkshake. This e liquid is rich, sweet, flavorful, but subtle. It truly is a dessert vaper’s dream!