Naked 100 E-Liquid | 60ml

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Peach (formerly Peachy Peach) - is an interesting mixture of luscious fruits, taking aromatic notes of juicy mangoes, succulent peaches, and tangy apricots that will send the tongue and taste buds on an exotic tropical vacation full of flavor.

Strawberry (formerly Naked Unicorn) - is delivers a sensational flavor profile that is truly mythical, blending a basket of fresh fruits with a sumptuous creamy base that creates a sweet, fruity, and refreshing melody. Another new classic from Naked E-Liquid.

Melon Menthol - is a fusion of refreshing watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew to showcase the ripe, juicy, and tantalizing flavor notes that showcase the finest melon virtues.

Berry Menthol (formerly Very Cool) - is a lively berry fusion with a refreshing cool undertone, comprising of freshly-picked blueberries, tangy blackberries, and juicy raspberries with a hint of menthol for an uplifting finish.

Strawberry Pom Menthol (formerly Brain Freeze) - intermingles sweet strawberries, slight tartness of Kiwi, and exotic ruby red pomegranates for a mouth-quenching sensation.

Really Berry (formerly Very Berry) - delivers the ultimate refreshers with an exhilarating fusion of blueberries combined with the sophistication of blackberries and fresh hints of lemon sugar drizzle. The culmination of sweet and tartness unlike any other.

Straw Lime - a lip-smacking flavor of strawberry licorice dipped in sweet and sour sugar.

Lava Flow - Fresh strawberries blended with coconut and pineapple intoxicate the senses and ensnare the imagination.

Hawaiin Pog - a popular juice that consists of passion fruit, orange, and guava (P.O.G.).

American Patriots - a tobacco blend that will leave you utterly satisfied from the first puff to the last. It is a complex blend that has taken time perfect with just the right ratio.

Crisp Menthol - a refreshing storm of super cool mint and extra cold flavors perfect for menthol aficionados. This chilly, smooth menthol may just become your new go-to menthol on the go.