The Finest Salts | 30ml

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Cotton Clouds - Sweet & Sour has a perfect amount of sweetness. Smooth without any harsh after bites.

Straw Melon Sour - perfect reimagination of sour candy. Strawberry melon sour belts thoughtfully marries the sweetness of strawberries and watermelon.

Strawberry Custard - Strawberry Custard is a sensational flavor profile that harmonizes the perfect balance of juicy red strawberries and a light custard cream drizzle to top it all off.

Lemon Custard - A world-class flavor, Lemon Custard is a delectable combination of freshly handpicked lemons on the inhale, and a buttery smooth meringue-infused custard on the exhale.

Vanilla Almond Custard - An instant fan favorite, Vanilla Almond Custard is a nostalgic blend that fuses the flawless pairing of luscious vanilla beans, creamy custard, and a slight hint of almonds for a well-rounded vaping experience.

Cool Mint - a fresh breezy vape with no frills that truly delivers on its namesake. With a nice crisp flavor that never gets tired, Cool Mint SaltNic delivers all day pocket-sized freshness.

V.C.T - creamy vanilla with thick custard and a touch of tobacco to give the flavor an extra layer of richness.

Grape Menthol - a sweet and refreshing blend of juicy grape and cool mint flavors.